BetonMax was found on 2014. Company is rather young meanwhile quite experienced, what shows delivery of our products to the most of Latvia building sites. The production is done in city Vangazi outside capital Riga, where at area of more than 2000m2 we do reinforcement processing, meaning cutting, bending, welding and metal spacer manufacturing.

Our greatest value is qualified metal working specialists who are providing production processes using modern reinforcement processing equipment. We have developed internal quality control system what is evaluated not only by our partners, but also by independent certification body – GlobeCert AB (Sweden), who has issued quality conformity certificate for BetonMax products and deliveries to Latvia and Scandinavian countries. Those certificates you can find in our web, at section “Certificates”. There are plans to develop more our production and offered product groups in the near future, about what we will inform later.

We have great network of logistic partners who will serve you “till the doors” therefore this shouldn’t be an issue at all.